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Project submission

Today, it submitted the project ,, Silistra -Ecofriendly-Viable- Electrical-Navodari Transportation for funding under INTERREG Program Romania-Bulgaria VA.  

The project was submitted in partnership with the Mayor of Silistra in Bulgaria, Năvodari city is leading the project, and is considering upgrading the road leading to the town Corbu, given that this road is very important for all năvodărenii, especially for those working on the industrial Midia – Năvodari being of real importance for all businesses operating in the area, but also for those who are in transition to settlements in the north of the county or those moving from the coast to the Danube Delta.

The road will have a new asphalt over a length of 4.47 km, cycle lanes modern on one side and across the road, the road safety elements, being provided with bus, but also pumping stations rainwater to prevent frequent floods in the region, the investment will rise to over EUR 2.5 million. However, if the project is approved, the city Năvodari will be installed 36 modern bus stops with information boards ,, smart and create 5.13 km of new tracks biclişti in different areas of the city. Total project value is approximately EUR 7 million in this budget and the investments included city Silistra it is to realize the project.




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