About the project

What are the benefits?

In Romania, people preferred means of transport is private car, which resulted in increased traffic density on the surface of existing roads was undersized Deia. At the same time, multiplying the number of cars attending led to the increase of atmospheric pollution by carbon monoxide emissions, and noise.

But without adequate infrastructure, residents will hardly give up the comfort of traveling by private car. Therefore, the project is proposed arranging bike trails located in the most traffic of the city, which will complement the cycle lanes made by the "improving access between the municipality and the Industrial Platform Năvodari by widening and upgrading boulevard Mamaia-Navodari ". Another measure proposed in this project is the construction of 36 bus stations with bicycle parking, located on the main streets of the city center and Boulevard Năvodari to take industrial platform and Mamaia Boulevard North avenue parallel to the Black Sea which is very crowded during the summer season.



1978Plans Socialist Republic of Romania was set up in Năvodari a chemical and oil processing plant. We work in three shifts, each with 12 000 employees per shift.

1997And begin to feel the effects Năvodari privatization of national companies. Now lay off staff and 8000 workers working with each lap.

2015Midia is sold to foreign shareholders and those investing heavily in automation. That means they will give up and more employees.

Midia Năvodari

Paul Drăgan

Chemical engineers Commute daily to work with company car, sometimes you have to do and trips to other branches of our country and I can say hand on heart that it is time for repairs on the road to Midia Năvodari Industrial Platform

Iolanda Constantinescu


I did the Faculty in Holland and I was impressed to see how the Dutch choose bike while afford cars. Think of movement, health, pollution and the future when they choose to use bicycles for commuting!

Andreea Drăghici

REFERENT accounting department if it would be possible to find a decent public transport from the city center to service Năvodari would save a significant amount on which I now give the taxis. I know many other colleagues who are in my situation.