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Implementation of such a project in Năvodari guarantee a positive impact on the environment and on the comfort felt by every passerby found in the area. Overhaul of infrastructure, creation of bike lanes, building new bus stops. However the short, medium and long term will develop the area.
At the moment we are at the stage where contracts with providers for example website that read this information subject to a contract signed in progress. Therefore Năvodari Mayoralty do our best to select the most reliable and capable suppliers of goods and services will carry out the project by June 2019!
We are grateful for this initiative and please use the contact page whenever you have an event to report. A responsible company increase the involvement of all citizens according to their degree of readiness and availability in their community projects. We thank you for your patience and apologize for showing potential discomfort created as a result of scraping or pouring the asphalt.
The value that SILISTRA- ECOFRIENDLY- VIABLE- ELECTRICAL- NAVODARI TRANSPORT ROBG-432 (for upgrading and asphalting the road to Corbu Năvodari- Boulevard and location of a No 39 bus) is 7,738,793.73 Euro and the contribution of the city Năvodari is only 2%.
The implementation of this project is to modernize the road leading to the town Corbu, given that this road is very important for all năvodărenii with
especially for those working on the industrial Midia - Năvodari being of real importance for all businesses operating in the area, but also for those who
are in transition to settlements in the north of the county or those moving from the coast to the Danube Delta. The road will have a new asphalt over a length of 3840 ml - road that will
rehabilitate and modernize the four bands - being provided with modern bicycle lanes on one side and on the sides of the road with road safety elements, but also modern bus stations. However, the city
Năvodari will mount further 36 modern bus stations - multimodal (buses and bicycles), with information panels will be run by the same project 7.2 kilometers of new cycle lanes in
different areas of the city with two-way traffic.
SILISTRA- ECOFRIENDLY- VIABLE- ELECTRICAL- NAVODARI TRANSPORT ROBG-432 was made in partnership with the Mayor of Silistra (Bulgaria) Program under the Romania - Bulgaria - Interreg VA, although our city name was called after the name of the project , Navodari city is actually leading the project.

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