SILISTRA- ECOFRIENDLY- VIABLE- ELECTRICAL- NAVODARI TRANSPORT ROBG-432 was made in partnership with the Mayor of Silistra (Bulgaria) Program under the Romania - Bulgaria - Interreg VA, the Navodari town project leader.
The final amount of the project approved for funding from the Structural Funds is EUR 7,896,727.80, is included in this budget and the investments Silistra it is to realize the project, in this case, with regard to the rehabilitation of existing infrastructure in the city - Nikola Nikolai Y.Vaptsarov street parking and building a solar ,, "using photovoltaic sources.
ATU City Năvodari contribution to the project will be only 2%
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The project "SILISTRA- ECOFRIENDLY- VIABLE- ELECTRICAL- NAVODARI TRANSPORT" is co-financed by the European Regional Development Fund and the total amount of the European Union contribution is EUR 6,712,218.62.


What benefits are for the city of Năvodari

The implementation of this project is to modernize the road leading to the town Corbu, given that this road is very important for all năvodărenii, especially for those working on the industrial Midia - Năvodari being of real importance for all businesses operating in the area, but also for those who are in transition to settlements in the north of the county or those moving from the coast to the Danube Delta. The road will have a asphalt new long 3840 ml - road that will rehabilitate and modernize the four bands - being provided with cycle lanes modern on one side and across the road, with elements of road safety and with modern bus stations. 


About the project

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    Step 1 Construction of the road

    Step 2 of the road construction

    Step 3 of the road construction

    Step 4 of the road construction

    Step 5 of the road construction

    Step 6 of the road construction

    Step 7 of the road construction

    Step 8 of the road construction


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