General, Stadiul Lucrărilor, Vizite oficiale

Work related visit to Năvodari

Today at City Hall, we held a working meeting with the mayor Florin Chelaru Yulyan Naydenov and his counterpart, Mayor of Silistra (Bulgaria) and a delegation from the Municipality of Silistra.

At this meeting they were discussed issues of development of cities Năvodari and Silistra, especially about the project I put together for road rehabilitation to Corbu and arrangement of 36 stations, its execution scheduled to start early next year .

Comunicate de Presă

Silistra-Ecofriendly-Viable-Electrical-Navodari Transport project has received funding

Today I received another very good news as regards the making of investments really important for the city of Năvodari.

Today, it has been notified to the approval of financing for the project which envisages modernization of the road leading to the town Corbu, this being communicated upon receipt of the Monitoring Committee for financing projects submitted under the Cross Border Cooperation Program Romania – Bulgaria – Interreg VA.